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MX Series Source Equipment

The MX series aims to meet all of your Audio needs, and is made up of many Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, an AM/FM Tuner, a CD player and also a DVD player. Whichever you choose, the MX Series will fulfil your most demanding requirements with ease.  The special Smart ‘My-Link®’ communications protocol, thoughtful design and intuitive handling, makes them satisfyingly easy to control.  


Anodised Black fascia with Black casing Anodised Silver fascia with Silver-Grey casing

MXC7000i CD Player


The MXC7000i builds upon the design heritage of Myryad’s earlier M-Series and MX-Series CD players. Now equipped with Cirrus Logic’s highest quality DAC partnered by the very best audio op-amps and a discrete class A output stage, the MXC7000i delivers the ultimate in Myryad CD audio quality.

The MXC7000i’s design features:
  • Cirrus Logic’s highest quality Digital-to-Analogue Converter:- 24 bit - 192kHz multi-bit Δ-Σ with dual differential outputs
  • High quality master crystal clock powered from its own isolated power supply and mounted close to DAC
  • Audio filter uses low-noise high-speed Difet op-amps
  • Precision filter components - 0.1% tolerance metal film resistors and 1% polypropylene film capacitors
  • Class A DC3 audio outputs – DC coupled*
  • Meticulous engineering of Power Supplies:
    • Transformer dedicated to audio stages
    • Second transformer for transport and digital
    • 20,000uF reservoir capacitors on audio supplies
    • 10,000uF reservoir capacitors on transport/digital supplies
    • 14 separate regulated supplies, each optimised for its specific function
    • The most critical regulated supplies offer in excess of 130dB isolation
  • Steel cover over power transformers shields sensitive audio circuitry from magnetic fields
  • High end tray loader uses aluminium-ABS compound tray framed by steel rods running in sintered bronze bearings. AntiVibe system absorbs and dampens vibrations caused by unbalanced discs and prevents noise.
  • Will play MP3 discs with folder navigation - play your favourite MP3 compilations on your hi-fi
  • Large, bright VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) track number and time display
  • Supplied with Myryad System Remote Control handset
  • Myryad “Smart My-Link®” for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products

* Double Complementary Cross-Coupled



Anodised Black fascia with Black casing Anodised Silver fascia with Silver-Grey casing



At the heart of the MXC7000i is a 24-bit precision multi-bit Δ-Σ (delta-sigma), 192kHz dual differential Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC). This DAC has an exceptionally wide dynamic range and very low distortion. More significantly, its integral switched-capacitor output filter greatly reduces its sensitivity to clock jitter. In order to achieve the ultimate in low-jitter performance, the MXC7000i uses a specially selected high quality crystal-controlled master clock run from its own isolated low-noise power supply.

The four output signals from the DAC feed two differential low-pass filters using an individual low-noise ultra-high-speed Difet operational amplifier for each channel – together with precision 0.1% metal film resistors and 1% polypropylene film capacitors. These precision op-amps filter out the high-frequency energy from the DAC without corrupting the delicate audio signal. The signal then passes to the discrete output stage featuring Myryad’s Double Complementary Cross-Coupled configuration (DC3) operating in Class A from high voltage power supplies.

All the audio stages in the MXC7000i are DC-coupled to ensure the most accurate signal path. Any residual DC on the output is trimmed out by manual adjustment of each channel during production. The alternative approach, using a DC servo, introduces additional active and passive components into the audio signal chain, and so always produces some degradation of the audio signal, however small. Myryad’s trimmed DC offset technique eliminates this degradation and results in a significant improvement in sound quality.

The power supplies in the MXC7000i have received particular attention. Two separate toroidal mains transformers are used, one dedicated solely to the audio circuitry to ensure total isolation of digital and CD servo noise from the audio signal. In addition, the audio supplies have 20,000 μF of reservoir capacitance to ensure the cleanest possible source for the analogue supply regulators. Even the digital/transport supplies have 10,000 μF of reservoir capacitance. All the power supplies use high-speed rectifier diodes to minimise switching noise. The MXC7000i has a total of 14 separate regulated power supplies, each designed specifically for its individual application. The isolation of the most critical power supplies exceeds 130 dB.



Disc capacity

120 or 80mm

Digital-to-Analogue Converter.

Cirrus Logic CS4398

(24 bit / 192kHz multi-bit Delta-Sigma with dual with differential outputs)

Audio Op-Amps

Burr-Brown OPA627

Digital Filter

128 times over-sampled, linear phase

Analogue Filter

6 pole active

Frequency Response

<± 0.2dB (20Hz – 20kHz)


0.0018% (1kHz)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

113dB (A weighted)

Channel Separation

.>100 dB (20Hz – 20kHz)

Output Level at 0 dB


Output Impedance.


Digital Code Output

Coaxial 75W, to SPDIF standard



Physical Specification


Dimensions (width x height x depth)

436 x 95 x 343mm

Weight, Net.

8.75 kg


9mm thick bead-blasted aluminium anodised with silver or black finish


MXT4000 AM/FM Tuner


Featuring Myryad’s acclaimed tuner technology, the MXT4000 tuner encompasses the elegant MX Series styling. The tuner offers the convenience of 39 FM and 19 AM pre-set stations and an in-built clock/alarm function. Clarity, warmth and ambience are all features of this tuner’s outstanding sound quality. Like all Myryad MX series products, the MXT4000 features the Myryad Smart My-Link® communications bus which provides system intelligence.

  • Sensitive 4-gang FM tuner front-end
  • Low-distortion FM demodulator followed by advanced PLL stereo decoder
  • Discrete Class A push-pull output buffer amplifier
  • 5 separate power supply regulators, each optimised for its individual task
  • Large rotary tuning control for fast intuitive manual tuning
  • Large, bright VFD frequency and information display
  • Supplied with Myryad System Remote Control handset
  • Myryad “Smart My-Link®” for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products



Anodised Black fascia with Black casing Anodised Silver fascia with Silver-Grey casing


A high quality tuner must exhibit a balance of performance in a number of key areas. Over-emphasis of one parameter, e.g. high sensitivity, can result in a degradation of a tuner’s real-world performance. The MXT4000 has been designed with careful attention to all the key parameters of sensitivity, noise, selectivity, distortion and interference rejection. The result is a tuner which will bring the best radio broadcasts to life in your home.

The MXT4000 uses a high quality 4-gang FM tuner front-end. The local oscillator is tuned by a crystal-locked frequency synthesizer which ensures precise and stable tuning under all conditions. The low-distortion FM demodulator feeds the audio signal to an advanced PLL stereo decoder which features adjacent channel interference rejection. This produces clean stereo with excellent imaging – and rejects interference from adjacent channels. The FM tuner is accompanied by a high quality AM tuner.

The chosen tuner’s audio signal is fed to a discrete Class A push-pull output buffer amplifier, which provides a low output impedance and high drive capability so that the MXT4000 can drive any combination of interconnect cable and amplifier input.

A total of 5 separate power supply regulators are used in the MXT4000, each optimised for its individual task.



FM band


Tuning range

87.5 to 108MHz

Usable sensitivity (IHF mono):


Signal/noise ratio:

78 dB (mono) 72 dB (stereo)

THD (1kHz):

0.1% (mono) 0.2% (stereo)



AM band


Tuning range

522 to 1620kHz

Signal/Noise ratio


THD (1kHz)




Physical Specification


Dimensions (width x height x depth)

436 x 78 x 288mm

Weight, Net.

4.7 kg




9mm thick bead-blasted aluminium anodised with silver or black finish